* Randall Scott Roy *

1st child of Eunice Arlene (Mills) Roy & Kenneth Eugene Roy



Randall Scott Roy

Born: September 28, 1949


Randall Scott Roy was born in Hastings, Nebraska


Randy graduated from Omaha Technical High School in Omaha, Nebraska in 1967.

He joined the United States Navy in 1967 and served 2 years in the Vietnam War aboard the aircraft carrier USS Princeton LPH5. Randy was Honorably Discharged in 1969. He then spent 4 years in the Navy Reserve and upon completion of his Reserve time, Randy joined the Nebraska National Guard.


Upon his discharge from the United States Navy, Randy went to work for the US Postal Service in 1970. After 25 years, he retired on a medical disability due to severe heart problems.

Randy was married and divorced twice.

He has 6 children:


Left to Right:

Randy Jr - August 5, 1970; Richard - December 21, 1973; Amber - October 28, 1977;

Sarah - September 14, 1982; Mary - September 15, 1987 & Kim - August 17, 1995

Randy Jr & Richard are from Randy's first marriage to their mother, Darlene Dorothy (Velarde). Darlene's parents are Robert Velarde and Esther (Morales) Velarde of Torrance, California.

Amber & Sarah are from Randy's second marriage to their mother, Linda Ann (Dickinson) Roy. Linda's parents are Arnold LeVerne Dickinson & Gertrude (Boyd) Dickinson of Jewell, Iowa.

Mary & Kim are from a 12-yr relationship Randy had with their mother, Jeanne Lyn Martin. Jeanne's parents are Dr. Ben & Ginger Martin of Pender, Nebraska.

Randy also has 7 grandchildren:

Left to Right:

Shane, Richard Jr., Anthony, Amanda, Cynthia, Tiana & Brittani

(Shane is from Randy - Richard Jr., Anthony, Amanda & Cynthia are from Richard - Brittani & Tiana are from Amber)

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