Mills Family History - 1895

Florence & Willard Mills

Willard Mills

Son of Thomas Jefferson Mills & Martha Emma (Mays) Mills

Born: August 31, 1895
Died: September 21, 1983


Florence Agnes (Ramsey) Mills

Born: January 22, 1901
Died: November 22, 1990

Willard & Florance Mills

Willard Mills was born in Perkins, Oklahoma.

Florence Agnes (Ramsey) Mills was born in Streator, Illinois.

Florence's parents are: William Otto Ramsey and Elizabeth Anne Piercy.

Willard Mills
Willard Mills pictured in center.

On May 2, 1917, Willard joined the United States Army during World War 1.

He returned from active duty on August 4, 1919.

Willard Mills Army photo

Willard & Florence were married on February 4, 1920.

Their marriage brought them nine (9) children:

  1. Iola-August 1, 1921
  2. Dale-November 10, 1922
  3. Cletus (Jerry)-March 14, 1924
  4. Eunice-October 12, 1926
  5. Phyllis-June 21, 1928
  6. Carol-July 11, 1930
  7. Evelyn-October 9, 1932
  8. Duane-May 21, 1934
  9. Loine-October 1, 1939

Mills Family

Front Row: (left to right) Dale, Cletus (Jerry), Duane
Back Row: (left to right) Eunice, Phyllis, Iola, Willard, Loine (in middle), Florence, Evelyn, Carol

Mills Children

(Pictures taken in 2000)

They lived on a farm in Kenesaw, Nebraska, where he farmed shares with his father, Thomas Jefferson Mills. From there, they moved to Heartwell, Nebraska where Willard managed a gas station. They moved back to Kenesaw, Nebraska where Willard bought the dray (trucking) business. At that time, he had a team of horses and a dray wagon. After a few years, he sold the horses and wagons, and bought more trucks.

Willard sold his business and on August 1, 1947, Willard & Florence (& family) moved to Hastings, Nebraska, where he worked for the Navy Depot in Hastings, Nebraska during the Korean War.

Willard retired under Civil Service at age 67.

Willard & Florence Mills are buried at the Kenesaw, Nebraska Cemetery.


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**This 2-min. 40-sec. interview was conducted by Willard & Florence's youngest child, Loine (Mills) Bohlen.
It was done in 1975 during a Mills Cousin Reunion.

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