Mills Family History - 1858

Tom Mills

Thomas Jefferson Mills

Son of John W. & Mary E. Mills

Born: May 11, 1858
Died: April 4, 1930


Martha Emma (Mays) Mills

Born: March 23, 1862
Died: July 11, 1931

Martha Mills

Thomas Jefferson Mills was born in Peoria, Illinois.

Martha Emma (Mays) Mills was born in Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania.

Martha's parents are: Daniel Webster Mays & Hannah Jane (Haymaker) Mays.

Thomas & Martha were married on January 2, 1881 in Eldorado, Kansas. They had 8 children:

  1. Daniel, b. 9-3-1844 - d. 3-8-1919
  2. Fred, b. 9-4-1886 - d. 2-1-1975
  3. Ethel, b. 6-30-1899 - d.
  4. James, b. 2-25-1892 - d. 7-18-1961
  5. Willard, b. 8-31-1895 - d. 9-21-1983
  6. Zella Mae, b. 6-16-1898 - d. 5-30-1966
  7. Albert b. 4-1-1901 - d. 1970
  8. Mary Eva. b. 11-12-1903 - d. 7-17-1925


Thomas & Martha lived in Kansas for 2 years, then moved to a farm in Trumbull, Nebraska. In 1894 they moved to Ripley, Oklahoma. In 1904 they moved to a farm north of Kenesaw, Nebraska. In 1908 they moved to Beaver City, Nebraska. In 1911 they moved back to a farm in Kenesaw, Nebraska. In 1920 they moved into the town of Kenesaw, Nebraska where Thomas spent the last years of his life working for the town of Kenesaw.

Thomas & Martha are buried at the Kenesaw, Nebraska Cemetery.


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To listen to an interview of Ethyl (Mills) Moehl .. daughter of Thomas Jefferson Mills & Martha Emma (Mays) Mills, click the links below. This interview was conducted by Ethyl's daughter-in-law, Lucile Moehl .. wife of "Bud" (Thelmer).
This is a 2-part interview of Ethyl's childhood memories and some family history. The interview was made 02/15/1976.

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