Mills Family History - 1788

John Baptist Mills (2)

Son of Charles Nathaniel Mills & Elizabeth (Rial) Mills

Born: July 31, 1788 in St Mary's County, Maryland.

Died: January 17, 1869 in Iredell County, North Carolina


Maria (Lentz) Mills

Born: 1790

Died: 1841

Little information is available on Maria, however, her parents are:

Father: Peter Lentz. Peter was born in 1751 or 1752, and is the son of John Lentz & Catherine (Culp) Mills.

Mother: Flora.


It should be noted that the "(2)" behind his name indicates that his parents (Charles Nathaniel & Elizabeth Mills) gave 2 of their children the same name, and in this case, this is the 2nd of the 2 John Baptist Mills children. The first John Baptist Mills died in infancy.


John Baptist Mills was married 2 times.

John Baptist Mills and Maria Lentz were married about 1810.

To John Baptist & Maria, 10 children were born:

  1. Elizabeth, born June 4, 1810, married Jake Overcash
  2. Jane Marian, born April 17, 1812, died December 29, 1812
  3. James Lee Mills, October 19, 1814 in Iredell County, North Carolina
  4. Ann Barbara (Mills) Mills, born January 14, 1816, married Neill Mills (a 1st cousin/son of Charles N. Mills Jr.
  5. Israel Rial, born July 1, 1818 in North Carolina, married Sarah Richie
  6. Sarah (Mills) Walker, married Edward Walker
  7. Carolina Mills (Lipe) married David Lipe
  8. Christian. Died at age 19
  9. Charles Morgan, Died at age 15.
  10. Mary.


Upon the death of Maria, John Baptist Mills married a 2nd time to Rachel Moore on June 15, 1850 in Rowan County, North Carolina.

To that union, 3 children were born:

  1. John Baptist ("Jacky") Mills
  2. Susan ("Susanna") Mills (Karracker)
  3. Samuel Mills

John Baptist Mills died July 31, 1788 and is buried at St. James Episcopal in Iredell County, North Carolina.


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