Mills Family History - 1730

John Mills

Son of Thomas Mills & Elizabeth (Herrold) Mills

John Mills was born in Mills Point, St Mary's County, Maryland, in 1730.

John Mills was a plantation owner and a Captain in the Revolutionary War with George Washington


Elizabeth (Rial) Mills

Elizabeth (Rial) Mills was born in 1730, in Marseille, Bouches-Du-Rhone, France.

Elizabeth is the daughter of Admiral Edward Rial - Born: 1700 in France.

John & Elizabeth had 9 children:

  1. James (born about 1752)
  2. William, (form about 1752)
  3. George,(born about 1754)
  4. Rebecca Mills (born about 1755)
  5. Elizabeth T. Mills (born 1756)
  6. John Baptist (born about 1757)
  7. Charles Nathaniel Sr, (born January 12, 1758 in Mills Point, St Mary's County, MD.)
  8. Andrew (born May 8, 1769
  9. John (born about 1770)

**There have been some questions posed by a few visitors to this site, as to whether or not John Mills (1730) is actually the son of Thomas Mills & Elizabeth Harrold. Coming from a strong Quaker family, it would seem unlikely that this child (John) would leave his strong Quaker upbringing and serve in the Revolutionary War. Acts such as this could have resulted in "disownment" (which may well have been the case). Many of us have probably not retained the religious or political affiliations of our ancestors over the years, however, that does not mean we don't exist if our families disown us. Therefore, I have been asked to supply my source of "proof" that John (1730) is the son of Thomas Mills & Elizabeth Harrold. To this end, I offer as a "source" the following link: Once there, go to "Spouse Index To The Quaker Collection." Then go to "Part H1" (Haddock thru Hester). Then scroll to "Harrold, Elizabeth". This Quaker record will show John Mills as the son of Thomas Mills & Elizabeth Harrold.

Unfortunately, since the time of this writing, the above link is no longer valid.


John Mills died in 1799 in St Mary's County, Maryland.


While I stand by the names given on this page, in all probability, the dates are incorrect. The reason for this is as follows:

The "Julian Calendar" VS The "Gregorian Reform"

For a detailed explanation of this, please visit a fascinating web site written by Peter Meyer at:


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