Mills Family History - 1710

Thomas Mills

Son of John Mills III & Rachel (Bates) Mills

Thomas Mills was born in 1710 in Frederick Co., Virginia.


Elizabeth (Harrold) Mills

Elizabeth Herrold was born on May 1, 1711 in New Garden, Chester Co., Pa. She died September 9, 1771 in New Garden MM, Guliford County, North Carolina. She is buried at New Garden MM, Guilford Co., NC.

Elizabeth's parents are Richard Harrold and Mary Ann Beals.

Thomas Mills married Elizabeth Harrold on April 18, 1730 in Chester Co., PA.

To Thomas & Elizabeth 8 children were born:

  1. John Mills (born in 1730-31 in Frederick County, Virginia), **(See notation below)
  2. Mary Mills (born 12/04/1737 in PA), (died 09/10/1794 in NC)
  3. Rachel Mills (born 12/25/1738 in NC), (died 04/21/1791 in NC)
  4. Richard Mills (born abt. 1744), (died 10/19/1813 in TN)
  5. Rebecca Mills (born 04/30/1744 in NC), (died 09/20/1821 in IN)
  6. Reuben Mills (born about 1750 in NC), (died 01/13/1863)
  7. Thomas Mills (born about 1758), (died about 1801)
  8. Martha Mills (born about 1760), (died 06/25/1784)


**There have been some questions posed by a few visitors to this site, as to whether or not John Mills (1730) is actually the son of Thomas Mills & Elizabeth Harrold. Therefore, I have been asked to supply my source of "proof" that John (1730) is the son of Thomas Mills & Elizabeth Harrold. To this end, I offer as a "source" the following link: Once there, go to "Spouse Index To The Quaker Collection." Then go to "Part H1" (Haddock thru Hester). Then scroll to "Harrold, Elizabeth." This Quaker record will show John Mills as the son of Thomas Mills & Elizabeth Harrold.

Unfortunately, since the time of this writing, the above link is no longer valid.


Thomas Mills was born in 1710 in Frederick Co., Virginia. He witnessed several marriages as early as 1731 held at the home of Josiah Ballenger at Monoguisie, Maryland. In 1738, Thomas Mills and William Forker represented Hopewell MM at the Chester Quarlterly Meeting. In 1740, he presented his certificate from Opeckan MM to Henrico MM, Virginia. In 1742 he again represented Hopewell MM at the Chester Quarterly Meetings. He and his brother Hur Mills served on a committee in 1748 at Hopewell to make inquiry about another members behavior. In 1753, the brothers Thomas, Hur and Henry Mills were received at Cane Creek MM, North Carolina from Hopewell MM, Virginia. Thomas married April 18, 1730 at the house of Josiah Ballenger at Monocasy, Maryland to Elizabeth Harrold, the daughter of Richard Harrold and Mary Beals. Their marriage certificate was recorded a second time in the Monthly Meeting records of New Garden MM, North Carolina, as the Hopewell records were destroyed by fire.

Thomas Mills died on September 10, 1792, in Deep River MM, Rowan County, NC. He is buried at New Garden MM Guilford Co., North Carolina.


While I stand by the names given on this page, in all probability, the dates are incorrect. The reason for this is as follows:

The "Julian Calendar" VS The "Gregorian Reform"

For a detailed explanation of this, please visit a fascinating web site written by Peter Meyer at: line2.gif

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