Mills Family History - 1687

John Mills III

Son of John Mills II & Sarah (Harrold) Mills

John Mills III was born January 29, 1687 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA.


Rachel (Bates) Mills

Rachel Bates was born on July 14, 1696, in Monocacy, Carrol Co., MD.

She died 11/20/1780 in Monocacy, Carrol Co., MD.

Rachels's parents are Joshua Bates Sr & Rachel Tower.

John Mills III married Rachel Bates about 1708 in Chester Co., PA.

To John & Rachel, 5 children were born:

  1. Thomas Mills (born 1710 in Frederick Co., VA.)
  2. John Mills IV (born October 27, 1712 in Frederick Co., VA.)
  3. Hurry (Hur) Mills (born 1717 in Chester Co., PA.), * (See notation below)
  4. Henry Mills (born September 23, 1720 in Prince George, MD.)
  5. Mary Mills (born March 29, 1724 in Frederick Co., VA.)

** In the course of my search on the Mills Family History, I came into contact with relatives of Hur Mills. They graciously sent me the following information. This was written by Jeremiah Mills, born 1784, son of Amos, Grandson of Hur and Great-Grandson of John Mills 1st (1663). It begins as follows:

"I shall begin a tradition received from my father which will date back to the seventeenth century, in the memorable days of William Penn. My great grandfather came from England and arrived at Philadelphia in the early days of that now populous city. There was another young man by the name of Harrold with him. How long these men stayed in Philadelphia I can't tell, but the next certain account I have of them is in Virginia, near Winchester on Opekan Creek. There my father was born on the 27th day of October, 1752. About that time the Indian troubles came on, what was called 'Braddocks War.' Our people being Quakers became alarmed and left for North Carolina. My Great Grandfather and all of his sons and daughters settled in Guilford County on the waters of the Deed River. The Harrolds, the Beesons, the Bailses, the Venights all came out about the same time and I think from about the same place in Virginia, the most of which settled on the waters of the Deed River, although some settled on branches of the Haw River and others on a creek called Polecat."


Upon the death of Rachel (in 1740), John Mills III married Rebecca Harrold in 1741, in Frederick County, Virginia.


Rebecca (Harrold) Mills

To John & Rebecca, 7 children were born: (2 were twins).

  1. William Mills (born 8-27-1742 - died 1774)
  2. Rebeckah Mills (born 12-15-1744/45)
  3. George Mills (born December 8, 1747 in Guilford Co., NC. (twin)
  4. Benjamin Mills (born December 8, 1747 in Guilford Co., NC. (twin)
  5. Alice Mills (born January 22, 1748/49 in Guilford Co., NC.
  6. Tabitha Mills (born April 8, 1753 in Guilford Co., NC.)
  7. Jonathon Mills (born 5-14-1757)


Records are unclear as to exactly where John Mills was born; some say in England while other documents say Philadelphia. He engaged in the lumber business with Richard Harrold before settling in Maryland. In 1730 he witnessed a marriage at the home of Josiah Ballinger at "Monoguisie Province of Maryland." He owned 1315 acres in what is now Berkeley County, West Virginia described as being "on a branch of the Opeckon, near but not adjoining Lewis DeMoss' land." In 1743 he deeded land to sons Thomas, Hur (Hurry), and John Jr, recorded in Frederick County, Virginia. In 1757, he was visited by William Reckitt during the French and Indian War. John was then living within two or three miles of a place where not many weeks before, Indians had killed and taken away people. He made his Last Will & Testament on September 28, 1759, which was probated in July, 1761 in Rowan County, North Carolina. The Will left one shilling bequests to each of his five oldest children: Thomas, John, Hur, and Mary. The rest of his estate was left to his wife. John died November 24, 1760 and his death is noted in the monthly meeting records of New Garden MM, Guilford County, North Carolina.

John Mills III died on November 24, 1760 in New Garden MM, Rowan Co., NC and is buried at Rowan Co., NC


While I stand by the names given on this page, in all probability, the dates are incorrect. The reason for this is as follows:

The "Julian Calendar" VS The "Gregorian Reform"

For a detailed explanation of this, please visit a fascinating web site written by Peter Meyer at: line2.gif

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