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Randall S. Roy (Randy)

Great (1)-Great (2)-Great (3)-Great (4)-Great (5)-Great (6)-Great (7)-Great (8)- Great (9)- Great (10)-Great - (11)-Great Grandson of John Mills (1583)

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**This web page is dedicated in loving memory of my Mother, Eunice Arlene (Mills) Roy.**


This web page is a compilation of photographs, documents & stories of the John Mills (1583) family lineage and how it relates to my family. I can not attest to the accuracy or validity of many of the things you will see and read on this page. Because of the age of some of this information, coupled with the fact that there is no one around to concur or dispute this information, we must assume that it is, to the best of our knowledge, as accurate as any information available.

Information on, and sources of research have come from a variety of places, including relatives, computer file data from various sites on the Internet, the exchange of family history information from distant relatives, and from historical records such as Census records, Biblical records, Public Records, Vital Records, Biographies, Military Records, Immigration Records, Court & Land Documents, records from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, history books and from reference books. Information was also obtained from the book, "A Multitude Of Mills" by Phyllis Poston Jennings (a Mills descendant). Further information was obtained, courtesy of V. Bannister (a Mills descendant), from her "Family Tree" databank, taken in part, from Abbrev: LDS Family History Library microfilm Title: LDS Family History Library.

In the course of my work, I've met a number of Mills descendants (distant relatives) that have been of great help to me in finding answers to some of my biggest obstacles and questions. These people too, have been researching their ancestry. By comparing notes, we were able to obtain much of the missing information each of us was looking for. (Not every family member keeps the same records & memories as the others).

There were a number of multiple marriages within the Mills families throughout history. This made it especially hard to trace some individuals. But on the other hand, it increased the number of resources available for research. I even met and exchanged information with descendants that were 'divorced' from the Mills family, that had maintained records of their families. Another valuable source of information was derived by going outside the Mills family to "In-Laws." Generally men don't keep good records of things like family history, however, women tend to keep exceptionally good records. When I reached a dead end on a Mills member, I researched his spouse and traced information from her side of the family.

To this end, I stand by the findings and information I have published. I believe that the information I have given is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. Of course there are a number of variables that can cause question and suspicion as to the accuracy of the information. One of the most prominent of these variables is the use of, and types of calendars used prior to the year 1752. Notations on this will be seen on the first 6 Index pages.

There may also be some variation in the names you will see. Example: My name is Randall, however, I'm known as "Randy." I tried to list actual names and variations of those names, where applicable.

My only role in this was to take all available data and put it in some kind of order, thereby creating this web page. While the Mills descendants are many, I did, to the best of my ability, include the names of, and information on all (available) Mills family members, as well as other information I found particularly interesting.

Special recognition (within this web page) is given to those people who graciously contributed many of the things you will see on this page. A special "Thank You" also to my sister, Dawn, for helping me pour through literally thousands of bits of information available on the Internet, that were used in this page. My heartfelt thanks also goes out to the many people that made available (on the Internet) much of the information I have used. (Randy)

I would like to give "special recognition" and "thanks" to my son, Randy Jr, for hosting this site on his servers. Without him, this site would NOT be online and available for others to enjoy. His vast computer knowledge and expertise, and his willingness to "host" these pages for me, is deeply appreciated and will not ever be forgotten. Thanks, Randy!!

Love, Dad.


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